Penelope Belle Photography: Blog en-us (C) Penelope Belle Photography (Penelope Belle Photography) Thu, 05 Jan 2023 16:05:00 GMT Thu, 05 Jan 2023 16:05:00 GMT Penelope Belle Photography: Blog 80 120 2023! Wow! A new year! Excited to see what 2023 holds! 

What are my plans for this year? MORE newborns and MORE weddings!! I love newborn and wedding photography. With some family sessions sprinkled in of course. 

It has been a long while since my last blog post, so let's get into it! 

What is new? We got a new dog! As you may know, the business is named after our first two pugs, Penelope and Belle. They passed awhile ago. Now we have Bidwell. It is an adjustment because we went years with no dogs in the house. The kids love him and the feeling is mutual. 

What else? My husband officially works entirely from home. Which is wonderful! We love that he is here more. It is nice that he is here to see the kids get on and off the bus with me. Extra sweet moments together as family. 

And we moved!!!! Just down the street... Literally in the same neighborhood. ha! The new house has an office space for my husband, and a separate office space for me. Very helpful! 

I am excited for this new year and seeing my business grow even more. I started taking photos in 2010. God has sustained my little dream of being creative and getting to meet amazing people. 

Thank you to everyone who has ever let me take their photos. Here is to many more years of Penelope Belle Photography! 

All my love, Tiffany.

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2018 News About 2017

First I need to sing praises over 2017! I had amazing wedding clients, as always. The beauty of my job is that I have the sweetest clients... And those sweet clients send their awesome friends my way. So I have a never ending stream of good people to take photos of. It is a landslide of love and I am lucky to be on the receiving end of it! 

I was also lead to start taking on newborn sessions again. I truly LOVE newborn photography. A lot of times, the babies belong to a former bride of mine. So I get to see the next amazing chapter in my client's lives. It makes my heart so happy! 
Outside of photography, my husband and I ran our first 1/2 Marathon in October 2017! It was not easy. But anything worth doing is usually a challenge. I hope to do another one in 2018 and beat my 2 hr 6 min time. 

Now on to 2018! 

I was voted 'Best Photographer' for the Evansville Living Magazine "Best of Evansville 2018". 
Thank you to everyone that voted for me. I couldn't believe my ears when Evansville Living called me with the news! Thank you GOD for leading me to a career that makes my heart sing. Thank you to my husband for pestering me to buy my first camera and for believing in me. Thank you to my kids for making me even more sentimental, which in turn, makes me a better photographer. 
I also recently found out that the Posey Co. Visitors Guide is using some of my images in their first publication. Which will be distributed to thousands of readers. 

Grateful is an understatement!

In 2018,  I will continue to specialize in weddings. Weddings are WHY I got into photography. I LOVE all things weddings. The love, sweet moments and laughter. How is this my job?! 
Also this year, I will be taking on more newborn sessions. I can't help myself, I love me some babies. 

In family news, my daughter, Daphne, just turned 5 years old. My son, Nash, will be 3 in February. These two monkeys keep my husband and I laughing everyday. Kids are so weird in the most delightful way! Daphne is as girly as can be. Nash loves dinosaurs and monster trucks. They have a love hate relationship. But mostly love! 

Penelope, our pug, passed away 3 years ago. Daphne still talks about missing Penny. Heartbreaking! Belle, our black pug, is still here! She isn't able to see or hear very well. But her snoring is still as loud as ever. She turned 13 in October 2017. 

If I could freeze time and just live my current life forever I would be ok with that. Everything is sweet in the York house. But I know these kids will just get bigger, and bring us more joy with every stage. 

Same with my career, I am excited to see what transformations happen! All I can do is keep working hard and treating people like family. It is what has worked for me so far. 

Thank you God for letting us feel your presence everyday. 

xo, Tiffany York




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A letter to my 1 year old baby boy. Good morning, Nashypoo. You woke me up at 6am to nurse... To remind me that you still need mommy... And I was happy to scoop you up and hold you and whisper "Happy Birthday" in your little ear. This year has been one of the best. You fit right in to our family. We didn't know what we were missing until you were born. I had no idea how wonderful having a son would be. I cannot count how many times I have held you tight and said: "Steal my heart little boy."

Before you were born... When you were growing in my belly... I KNEW you would be a sweet boy. You have surpassed my expectations. You are a cuddly lil guy, you are so cheerful and you have yet to meet at stranger. You truly love people and I think you are meant to do great things. 

As of today, you can say: Hi, bye, dada, mama and bubba. You have 2 bottom teeth, and a couple poking through on top. You mostly sleep through the night. You go to bed around 6:30pm and get up at 7am. You love yogurt, chili, and chocolate. You cannot walk yet. You have yet to take a step. But you are a ninja at crawling and climbing up stairs. 

You love your sister and think she hung the moon. You think Daphne is the coolest person, and you are right! She is already way cooler than mommy or daddy! I hope you and Daphne are forever friends. You share a bond and watching you two together makes mommy and daddy's hearts full. 

You have just crawled out of the playroom and are now holding onto my chair laughing at me, so I am done writing so I can hold you and cry... My baby is now ONE. 

Steal my heart little boy.

Love, mommy.


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Plans for 2016  

Happy New Year!
I cannot even fathom how fast 2015 went by!! It was a WONDERFUL year for both my business and family.
My daughter, Daphne, will be 3 this month! (I am overly sad about this). Our baby boy, Nash, will turn 1 on February 2nd! Having 2 little ones is hectic but amazing. I am thoroughly enjoying smothering them with smooches. 
Daphne has turned into a huge 'daddy's girl' since her little brother has been born. It is very sweet. Nash, to my delight, is my cuddle bug. He is a momma's boy. My husband and I have a lot of entertainment with these two babies! 
My 2015 weddings were terrific! Sweet brides and grooms. Many tearful joyous moments! I don't think there is a single wedding this year that didn't make me tear up at least once!! And look at who gets to be a wallflower and freeze in time those love-filled moments... Lil' ol' me!!
Now for my 2016 plans!
My 2016 calendar is looking amazing. I am almost to my capacity that I want to book this year. There is still room for some more! I am so fortunate that my business has grown to what it is today. Who knew 6 years ago, that I would be here!? I still sometimes cannot believe that I get to shoot weddings as a career. It is hard work, but it is what I love. 
I will continue to only shoot weddings this year. I may take on a special project here and there to keep my creative juices flowing, but as a whole, weddings are it for me! 
I still miss all of my client-friend's family photos. I am not saying I will never do family photos again... Just not now.
Balancing work and family is not simple. But I am beyond measure blessed to have a career I am passionate about that allows me to be home with my children. 
Here is to another year of good health and LOVE! 
xoxo, Tiffany York
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Ailstock Wedding This wedding is from July 18, 2015. The ceremony and reception were at the gorgeous Rollings Hills Country Club in Newburgh, Indiana. There are over 800 photos but I am posting a sampling of this gorgeous day. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Ailstock!!! 


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Ely Wedding  


Here are a few goodies from the Ely's wedding! What a perfect day! I sincerely enjoy these two love birds!! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Ely!!! A little love note from the bride to the groom. :)

All sisters!!!! How sweet!?!



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The Wethington Wedding! Hello friends! This was my first Princeton, Indiana wedding! It was great weather and good people! The bride and groom were so sweet together, as you will see by their 'first look' photos. Seeing the groom's face when he first lays eyes on his wife to be...  Just heart melting!!! 
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Wethington! 

This is why I love groomsmen!

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A field trip! As many of you know my babies are my reason for living! My career allows me to stay home and raise them. I try very hard to get the kiddos out of the house often for activities. Here is just one outing. :)
Vanderburgh 4-H
By the time the barrel train had made the loop, Daphne was crying "mommy!!!!!" She needs mommy or daddy to always be in sight... Bless her heart!

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The Stillwell Wedding! Hello there!! Do you want to see what a Penelope Belle Wedding looks like? Here is a small glimpse of one wedding day. These two were a joy to work with!! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Stillwell!! 

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Plans for 2015 So here we are at the close of 2014, looking into another new exciting year! This year has been full of some fantastic weddings! It has been quite a transition trying to convert my business over to full-time wedding photography. I truly do miss the regular families I took photos for. But as I have said before, weddings are my passion. I began taking photos so that I could be a wedding photographer. I think I first fell in love with weddings when I was a little girl looking at photos of my parent's wedding. They were magical photos. They were moments in time that happened before I was even thought about. My young, happy and in love parents in their gown and tux, looking into each other's eyes. The images just seemed so romantic and fairy tale-like. I hope that years from now there are people that look at wedding photos I have taken, and see two people so happy in a moment... A moment long ago when a chapter in life was just beginning. I think it is important as a wedding photographer to understand the gravity of this important day. 

Speaking of chapters, another is beginning for my family. As I type, there is a precious little boy kicking away in my tummy! Daphne will be getting a baby brother in January 2015!! How did I get so lucky?? 

As you can imagine, having two little ones, I am going to have my hands full. I will continue on my career path to specialize in wedding photography. Maybe in the future I will add family photos back into the mix, but for now I am following my heart. Hello, my name is Tiffany York, and I am addicted to weddings! I am also fully addicted to my babies, and am determined to spend large amounts of time with them as they grow. Thank goodness my job allows me to do so.

I leave you with a recent photo of my heart and soul. Our little monkey, Daphne.

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A letter to my 1 year old baby  

It is impossible to put into words how I feel about you, Daphne Renee. There are no adjectives to describe the overwhelming and beautiful spell you have cast on me. I love opening the door to your bedroom and being greeted by your face. I am sorry if I annoy you with my smothering kisses. If I could bottle up your baby smell and keep it forever, I would. But I know I can’t so that is why I must bury my face into your neck and smell and kiss you because at some point you won’t let me anymore. You aren’t a normal baby. You don’t want to cuddle but you want my full attention. It is like you are a teenager in a tiny body. I am always reminded how much you need me when I try to leave a room and you cry. I’m obsessed with your graceful tiny hands, your pudgy feet, the off centered cowlick on the back of your neck, all your birthmarks, every fat crease in your legs, your sweet baby breath, your comical smile, your squishy belly, your lyrical babbles and your PERFECT face. But mostly, I am obsessed with your heart which I can already tell is full of love. Before you, there were 30 years of events that taught me lessons that now I may pass on to you. The ‘before you’ was just a waiting period for my life to begin. This has been a fast 1st year. I want to relive it all over again. 
Love, mommy
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Plans for 2014 Hello, everyone! As I have said before, I am looking for a way to slow down a bit. I have been blessed with a large amount of clients. If I were a money driven person, I'd stack my days full of photo sessions and place my baby daughter into a daycare so that I could work with no interruptions. However, I was raised by two wonderful parents who taught me to live within my means and to put family first. Before I was ever ready to have a child, I knew I wanted to stay at home with my children. In order for me to do that, I want to make just enough income to pull my weight in our household but not take on so much that I am not being a full-time mommy. Not everyone has the option to stay at home with their kids. I am sure some people prefer to NOT stay home with their kids! Ha!! I chose a career that would allow it. I will have time to take on more appointments when my baby is in school. But for now, I want to revel in her early years. Daphne will be 9 months old soon and she has spent many a day crying for me while I try to finish up an edit on a photo. It is heartbreaking. She deserves to have her mommy's full attention. Many of you are such wonderful clients and I hate to let you down as I take a sabbatical. I feel it is important to state the obvious: I love my baby more than I love work. I will continue to take wedding photos and book weddings. I had to choose between family photos and weddings. Weddings are booked so far in advance and therefore a more steady income, so that is what I am focusing on. Daphne Renee is my boss now. :) 


Thank you all for your understanding. Stay tuned for surprise mini-sessions in 2014. 


Tiffany York


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